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About epiSpa

The Miracle of Manuka

What Is Manuka Honey?

Largely produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native Manuka bush, Manuka Honey is famed for its antibacterial and regeneration properties. 


What Is The Science?

Used in both traditional and modern medicines, as well as the finest skincare products, Manuka honey contains more than 100 times more of the organic antibacterial compound Methylglyoxal (MG) than other types of honey.

Consumption of MG has been clinically proven to combat several notable bacteria and viruses and promote the repair and regrowth of damaged sensitive cells.


Why Are You Telling Me This?

epiSpa use Manuka honey as a key ingredient in its skincare products; utilising its natural properties to help cleanse, moisturize and replenish skin gently and effectively. 

The anti-inflammatory and pH balancing properties of Manuka honey work towards soothing and repairing inflamed skin and blemishes while sensitive amino acids helps remove dead skin to keep pores clean and keep future blemishes at bay.

The MG in Manuka Honey also holds anti-aging properties, as it has been shown to promote the structural growth of vital collagen within skin cells. The presence and maintenance of collagen helps to maintain supple, healthy and firm skin and reduces the prospect of wrinkles.


Which epiSpa Products Are For Me?

epiSpa has a broad range of Manuka honey enriched products designed to match individual skincare needs.

The epiSpa Organic Illuminating Hot Cloth Cleanser & Toning Tonic Set stars Manuka honey among its quality ingredients to offer a luxurious, refreshing and uplifting spa facial experience in your own home. Designed to gently remove daily grime, make up and dead skin cells, it leaves your skin feeling clean, soft, radiant and bursting with youth.

As seen in Vogue Magazine, epiSpa Organic Illuminating Skin Serum evens the skin tone, brightens the complexion and helps to fight visible signs of fatigue, while at the same time boosting collagen levels to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

For the whole works, the epiSpa Organic Repair and Protect Collection  brings together products that are formulated to hydrate and lift the skin, fight signs of ageing and boost collagen levels to leave the skin looking softer and younger.