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Why Is SPF Important For Skin Care?

Everybody is aware of the serious damage to the skin that exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause. Over time, regular exposure to the sun without protection can lead to redness and inflammation, hyperpigmentation, a loss of elasticity, wrinkles and even skin cancer.

While on holiday you may apply sun lotion regularly to prevent sun burn; though it is easy to overlook the day to day damage that the sun’s UV rays can do to the skin, anywhere in the world, even on relatively overcast days.

Sun Protection Factor is contained within sun lotion and it works by utilising titanium or zinc dioxide to reflect the direct sunlight away from your skin. This helps to prevent sun burn and protects your skin from the signs of ageing which can develop from over-exposure to the sun.

It is important to incorporate Sun Protection Factor (SPF) into your everyday skincare routine, in order to prevent skin ageing and to guard against damage cause by the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Recognising this necessity to protect the skin daily, epiSpa has developed its range of skincare products to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and signs of ageing caused by the sun, by including SPF25 in many of its products.

SPF25 is a high protection factor. Applied daily in the form of epiSpa Illuminating Anti-Ageing Moisturiser, SPF25 will help to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays to keep the skin bright, firm and radiant.