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What Causes Prematurely Ageing Skin?

Growing older is just a fact of life, and many view wrinkles and lines in your skin as the proof of a life well lived! However, there are many many factors that can leave your skin looking tired way before time! We look at just some of the causes of prematurely ageing skin, and several ways you can work towards combatting it!


Sun Exposure

For many, having a glowing, natural tan from a holiday or a sunbed is the ultimate fashion accessory and a sign of good health – but as has become more and more apparent in recent times, exposure to the harmful UV rays can be incredibly damaging to skin.

Too much sun or regular trips to the sunbeds doesn’t just increase the risk of serious health concerns but has also been proven to increase the signs of ageing due to the damage it causes. Observing good UV protection is vital to this, and there is no easier way of doing so than combining it with your skincare regime.

Products throughout our range such as epiSpa Organic Illuminating Eye Cream feature SPF25, which is perfect for daily protection from damaging UV rays. You can find out more about the importance of SPF protection in your skincare regime here.


Skincare Habits

Many skincare products, particularly ones geared towards scrubbing and cleansing, feature coarse and harsh materials that are intended to scrub your face clean. However, although you can certainly feel the effects, many of these products actually remove healthy surface layers and naturally occurring oils that are vital for maintaining smooth skin.

epiSpa Organic Hot Cloth Cleanser offers a gentle yet effective solution to this, as it harnesses natural ingredients such as Manuka honey and macadamia oil to remove impurities and make-up yet protect and replenish your skin's defences against ageing.


Keep Hydrated – Inside and Out

The benefits of water to your body are countless. Not only is it important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day, but keeping your skin hydrated is equally as important. Without moisture in your skin, lines and wrinkles appear deeper as the collagen within the cells lacks the water it needs to retain its elasticity and firmness.

Our range, including epiSpa Organic Lighter Brighter Illuminating Moisturiser, and epiSpa Organic Illuminating Anti-Aging Moisturiser, help naturally replace and retain that all important moisture within your skin to keep your complexion looking youthful and bright.

You can check out our entire range here.